During my time developing mobile apps on the iOS platform I have learned an enormous amount. iOS developers face many challenges. A large part of iOS development is problem-solving, I would like to share some solutions I have learned while, which is why I created iOS Cookbook. On this site is a list of tutorials which outline common obstacles that iOS developers face, with a step by step guide to help you get a great result in your project. I want iOS cookbook to be a guide that is relevant to people of all levels of experience and ability.



I have been developing iOS applications since 2012, during this time I have been very lucky to work on some amazing apps that have been used by millions of people. One of the things I enjoy about mobile development is the tremendous impact that I can make to the user experiences of so many people.

I hope that my explanations are clear and complete for you. However please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or queries about any of my solutions.