Tutorial: Creating CAShapeLayers using UIBezierPaths

Icons are essential in iOS development. They can be used to display navigational information throughout your application, many of which will be familiar to the user, such as the search and home icon, as they are similar throughout app design. But what is the best way of delivering these icons to your users? We could … Continue reading Tutorial: Creating CAShapeLayers using UIBezierPaths

Tutorial: Using Swifts Codable Protocol

Parsing JSON into objects is a core part of object orientated programming. Almost every application relies on using a process to decode JSON safely. In Swift now, Apple has provided a mechanism to help simplify this process for developers. Swifts Codable protocol maps the coding keys on your object models to the JSON that has … Continue reading Tutorial: Using Swifts Codable Protocol

Tutorial: Firebase Dynamic Lists

Google's Firebase platform includes the Real-Time Database. This is a fantastic way to coordinate quickly changing data to your application. The beauty of using this mechanism is the fact that when a change is made to your data, a notification is sent to your application to update the relevant piece of data. There are two … Continue reading Tutorial: Firebase Dynamic Lists

Tutorial: iOS Photo Slider View

This is an effective image slider that you can use to show your users multiple images inside a single window. This the user can swipe the Photo Slider or use the UIPageControl to change the current image. Tutorial: Start with an empty single application template. First, we put a UIView into the UIViewController in the … Continue reading Tutorial: iOS Photo Slider View

Tutorial: Improving your animations with UIViewAnimationOptions

Animations can add a lot of magic to your application. They can be used to impress your users with great effects and give important user feedback to encourage a positive behavior. Creating animations using the Apple supplied UIView API is quite easy and by using UIViewAnimationOptions correctly, you can either create or improve the animations … Continue reading Tutorial: Improving your animations with UIViewAnimationOptions

Tutorial: Creating a UIImagePickerController

Taking and sharing photos is an important feature of many apps. Using the UIImagePickerViewController is a simple and easy way of enabling your user to either take a new photo or get an existing one from the user's photo library. Tutorial: First of all, we want to start a new single application template project. We … Continue reading Tutorial: Creating a UIImagePickerController

Tutorial: Creating custom UIViews

Creating custom UIViews can be very useful for many reasons; code reusability, view controller code reduction and improve maintainability. It enables you to build one component and use it in multiple places around your application. This will reduce the total number of lines in your project and enable you to make changes to your component … Continue reading Tutorial: Creating custom UIViews